WiTopia VPN review and coupons

WiTopia was founded in 2003 by UUNET Managers and was named at the very beginning as Full Mesh Networks. Their goal is simple – deliver a complicated and expensive security technology over the Internet as a set of managed services. One of the project is to build a hosted platform to secure and manage Wi-Fi networks and to provide VPN for the internet users. Their speeds are is good and they do protect you from identity theft when you use an unsecured WI-FI. With all the latest assaults on online privacy spreading across the globe, internet users all over the world need a simple and powerful data security service like Witopia VPN.

Witopia has servers in United States (Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dulles, Seattle and Dallas), United Kingdom (London, Manchester) and Hong Kong (China). Witopia involves SSL (OpenVPN) & PPTP supported protocols for high standard encryption level so that no one can hack online identity or know your IP address or real location. It replaces IP address with another tunneled IP address and makes users absolutely anonymous.

Privacy sensitive internet users can make this server running on supported platforms like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Linux, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone, Mac OSX, Android, HP webOS, Android and Google Chromebook. This server encrypts your private traffic for all sorts of devices including PCs, Sony PS3, Xbox 360 and VoIP ATA.

Just sign up for setup configuration and let Witopia network works for your online privacy security without any additional software. Service has 30 days money back guarantee.

There are no setup charges and the cheapest plan  is the perfect choice of online privacy smart folks. Cutting-edge privacy securing technology of Witopia offers real-time privacy protection for all internet users.

After buying Witopia VPN account, users can have it up and running within next few minutes because of its simple but effective applications. If you want to enjoy anonymous surfing without letting others spy your web based activities, Witopia’s  VPN server will serve you right. 3rd party monitoring always annoys internet users but now everyone can stop illegal monitoring or hacking with simple their applications.

As discounts and coupon goes Witopia is quite generous and users can get savings of up to 27% on their VPN plans. There are a bunch of sites having coupon codes and promo codes for Witopia and we suggest trying these guys first since they tend to have the bets deals on pretty much everything and also donate a portion of their income to charities.