Why AirVPN?

In general we assume most folks have come to our site looking for the best deals and coupon codes for AirVPN and are already knowing what they offer. You know the specs , you know their features. But some folk, we assume, would like to know why in Gods name we made a whole website dedicated to AirVPN and the discounts they have going on. Why exactly AirVPN? Why not one of the other (now literally hundreds) VPN providers out there?

First, and probably goes without saying, we LOVE AirVPN! We’ve been devoted customers for over 4 years now and can’t want much more from the service. So yes, there are other great VPNs and if you have stumbled upon any of the VPN review sites on the web you know about popular and well known brands like ExpressVPN, PIA and HideMyAss. Let’s get this out of the way -we have nothing against these other companies, by all means they provide to the best of our knowledge, great protection and anonymity. each of the brands listed above has been around for years and have been tested by countless critics and used every day by millions.

But… we like AirVPN the most! We think they offer the best combination and balance between price and features. For example – ExpressVPN is amazing and almost always comes as the number 1 VPN in the charts. We’ve tried them and yes, they are pretty damn good. But this service comes at a much steeper price you will be paying something like $100 a year with them. That compared to AirVPN is just about double. And in our opinion the double price tag is not entirely justified.  Yes, ExpressVPN has very easy to use apps for all the major platforms like Android, IOS, Windows and Mac and to be honest AirVPN can be a bit of a pain in the neck to set up and get it going. But after that initial 10-20 minutes of hardship it’s all smooth sailing! So if yo have basic computer knowledge and skills you can be up and running in a very short time and save about half of what other premium VPNs charge.

So that was about the price. Now about features. Our most favorite feature is by far the VPN+Tor. Almost none of the major providers have this and the few other that do – charge way more. For example ZorroVPN is a small, new company that has VPN+Tor (and worth mentioning –  VPN chains which is controversial but still some might find it useful) but their service will set you back again twice as much as AirVPN’s. Again – nothing against ZorroVPN, we tested it and it works just fine. Bu the price is higher and in our opinion AirVPN gets the nod.

To put in in brief – we believe you get a lot VPN for your money with AirVPN. It’s not the most flashy service out there with the most pleasing website or apps. But it gets the job done, keeps your internet browsing safe and secure and doesn’t cost much. Is it the absolute best in business? We don’t know and we doubt anyone can tell for sure -this will require a massive amount of testing to be done simultaneously (the quality and speeds changes all the time with all providers) on hundreds of VPNs and this is just physically impossible. But for the money and the provided support and features – AirVPN all the way!

To get things rolling with their service and to get familiar whats in store we suggest reading this post first and after that head over here to see all the latest AirVPN coupons and deals.

In any case, enjoy your newly acquired online privacy and stay assured AirVPN is  here to protect you!