Unblock Facebook with AirVPN

Facebook is biggest social network that you can find online. You can chat with friends, watch their photos comment their photos etc. ! Now Facebook is revolutionary social network but still in 21st century Facebook is blocked in some countries. If you live in Asia or Middle East where the internet is generally censored and Facebook and other popular websites like Twitter and YouTube are often blocked. Recently, it was come to know that India has demand Facebook content to be screened and it has been done quiet extensively as it was said that certain content which are against the religion and politicians are not to be posted on social networks like Facebook, so it must be screened.

To unblock Facebook you need a proxy or a good VPN, like you guessed it – AirVPN   (and a quick reminder – as always if you need the latest working AirVPN coupon codes and deals there are right here. A virtual private network or VPN allows you to bypass Facebook filtering with the help of a masked IP address. Now you can also use proxy but if you are going to use proxy you must buy private proxy because many of free ones are blocked and flagged. But if you are planning to buy proxy it is better solution to buy VPN  price is almost same but the difference is huge. With AirVPN you can change IP address every day buy with Proxy you can’t. Plus AirVPN now is quite affordable so the price difference is really not an issue.

Also you can try using free VPN. Yes it is true you can find free VPN software but they are not trustworthy and very slow in general. Almost all of them have flagged IP addresses and they don’t give you choice to choose directly which country you want to connect.

With encrypted VPN service you can be free by bypassing arbitrary geographical restrictions, all in complete privacy. Unblock Facebook while keeping your browsing and communication private and secure with airVPN. Unblock YouTube and watch the videos that everyone else is talking about share them on  Facebook with your friend and see what your friends watch, listen,  share,  love etc.

To put it briefly – to unblock Facebook or any other social media website your best option is a quality VPN service.

Internet censorship is something one should have to put up with! There are options to fight is successfully and we can assure you AirVPN is one of the best ones around!