Quibids – is it really that cheap to buy from them?

I’ve been seeing advertisements all over the internet for a new penny auction site called Quibids. I wasn’t too familiar with what penny auctions actually were, but I heard from some friends that you could get brand new products at really low prices. They told me that they’d gotten brand new watches, high quality flat screen T.V.’s, and other really expensive products at discount prices. I was intrigued, so I decided to try them out and hopefully get some Christmas shopping done early…
I signed up with the penny auction site called Quibids because of all the advertisements I’d been seeing. I thought they had to be legitimate… I ordered over 200 bids from them for around $150, and then went looking for products I wanted. When I started looking around, I realized that they didn’t have as much of a product selection as I thought they would. I was expecting to have a huge choice of products that I could get, but as soon as I logged into their site I realized that wasn’t the case. Eventually, I found a new Rolex watch that I’d always wanted and the auction was almost over. I started bidding on it, and before I knew it I’d spent almost all of my bids. I had to give up because the person I was bidding against didn’t look like he was going to stop…
The next auction I got involved in was for a brand new iPad 3G. My son really wanted this for Christmas so I knew I had to jump in the auction before it was over. I started bidding on it and tried to win it, but there was always someone bidding against me until the very end. I ran out of bids and that meant my competitor won the new iPad instead of me.

I told one of my friends who recommended penny auctions what happened when I signed up for Quibids and he told me that I had to find the right penny auction site if I wanted to win anything. He told me he’d been using a site called BidSauce for a long time and that the competition was really low on it. I wasn’t about to give up on finding low prices for brand new products, so I signed up with BidSauce because of my friends recommendation. I bought 250 bids again, and then looked around at the different ongoing auctions.
I saw an auction for an iPad 3G and I jumped in it right away.

I started bidding, and then the countdown timer counted down — 5,4,3,2,1 – 0!!!! I couldn’t believe it,  I was the Winner of a brand new iPad 3G and it only took me five minutes of bidding on Bidsauce. After my bad experience with Quibids I never thought I could actually win anything with Bidsauce, but my friend was right… there’s so little competition on this site, it’s crazy! Now I use BidSauce nearly every day, and I’ve finished all my Christmas shopping early… and the best part is that I’ve spent under $100 for all the gifts!
So, truth be told, penny auctions do work but you have to use the right site — I recommend you STAY AWAY FROM Quibids! Use BidSauce instead and you’re pretty much guaranteed to win a lot of product. Just make sure to purchase 250+ bids for a better chance of dominating the auctions.

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