it’s Official – Amazon is the biggest bookstore in the World!

Amazon is one of the world’s largest booksellers today and according to this post – the biggest online bookstore. It is available via the internet from anywhere in the world, has the widest variety of options, good prices, and fast shipping. This makes it the obvious choice for books and any other products. Another advantage of Amazon that many people do not consider is the ability to discover new and interesting reads based on your personal browsing and purchasing history or based on popularity. This will provide recommendations that are personalized and some that are based on what the majority of Amazon users are currently buying or reading. Amazon maintains several different best seller lists to help a person find something great to read.
For people who have a Kindle or enjoy reading eBooks (if you don’t have one – check this deal), there are two great Amazon best sellers lists called the Top 100 and Top 100 Free. These lists are updated by Amazon every single hour to show the top 100 books purchased (or downloaded for free) that are available in the Kindle store. This is a great way to see what other Kindle users are reading and especially a great way to find free books to read. Because the lists are updated so often, they are always showing the newest best sellers. Because almost all Kindle version books have a free sample available, users will be able to read a short excerpt from most best sellers before making a decision to buy.
Amazon also employs a number of content editors to review new releases and issue book reviews and recommendations for users of the sites. There all also many customer driven lists. These lists can be created by any Amazon community member and may be specific to their tastes or favorite genres or made to appeal to a broader audience. Amazon also provides direct access to third-party bestselling books lists. These include the most-up-to-date New York Times Bestsellers List with quick and easy links to view more details about the listed books and links to purchase. The most recent Pulitzer Prize winners, National Book Award winners, and Caldecott and Newberry medalists are always available online. There are also historical winners listed for easy access to past awards.