AirVPN Coupon

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AirVPN  Trial and Review

For those who doesn’t know much about the company here is my quick AirVPN review and what to expect when you sign up. AirVPN states right on the very top of their site that they are “activists and hacktivists” who defend net neutrality and censorship. They offer a truly anonymous VPN able to unblock websites and fight internet censorship. This is a superb VPN service which main goal is to protect your identity and provide secure connection. This is a short list of the most prominent things they offer:

  • VPN through TOR
  • No monitoring or keeping logs
  • Protection the against the WebRTC bug
  • DNS leak protection and kill-switch
  • High level encryption – they have a pretty strong 4096 bit RSA keys size, AES-256-CBC Data Channel and  HMAC SHA1 Control Channel
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy – Diffie-Hellman key exchange performed by default every 60 minutes but you customize it as you wish
  • Super fast speeds – their Speed test results are off the charts fast
  • Unlimited and free server switches
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No traffic or time limits
  • You can have up to 3 simultaneous connections at the same time
  • AirVPN works on almost all machines – for Windows, Macs, Linux, Android device, IOS and routers
  • Powered by OpenVPN which offers higher than military grade security
  • The airVPN forum – one of the best in the business with tons of useful threads, helpful members and support staff
  • Raving reviews from some of the most trusted VPN critics and also regular users
  • Bitcoin and a bunch of other coins accepted
  • Fair and straightforward pricing – it’s not hard to figure out that AirVPN is not the cheapest option but for what we are getting it’s very reasonable. VPN services prices vary a lot and this one is priced pretty much right down the middle at around $5 a month. But the level of encrypting privacy offered is on par or even better than VPNs costing $10+ a month so when I personally had to choose a VPN software it was a no-brainer. There is a 3 day AirVPN trial which will cost you around just $1 for 3 full days so you can test and the VPN for yourself. Plus you can save a little with the AirVPN promo code posted above which is 10% at the moment but at times its Airvpn 35% OFF on all plans. Look, I’m the first to admit that AirVPN can have more and better deals and offers. I mean – I don’t like to pay extra if I don’t have to (who does!). But on the other hand air VPN is already priced quite well in comparison with the other “big boys” so they don’t really have to rely on sneaky tactics like showing us a high as hell price and than lowering it down to a more bearable price with a coupon code. This just confirms my statement from above – “fair and straightforward pricing”, there are tricks and gimmicks here, the price you see is already pretty good so need to play psychological price-games.

Why AirVPN?

Given the level of privacy and protection offered by AirVPN many reviewers think that this indeed is the “Gold  Standard” when it comes to being truly anonymous on the Internet. Being a user for over 2 years now I’m very satisfied overall with what they provide  and I agree 100% with those praising it.  The combination of paying via Bitcoins ( don’t forget  to properly mix them for extra security!) and using the VPN over TOR is as good and safe as it gets for browsing and torrenting at the moment. The other VPN providers that I’ve had in the past do not have this and honestly – they all should. My only small beef with AirVPN is the number of countries they have –  17 at the moment – including popular ones like the USA and Canada but also gems like Romania, the Netherlands and Switzerland. But on the other hand they have over 180 servers covering the most needed locations and the speed and protection more than compensate for this small issue. I mean let’s be real – you cannot have absolutely everything at this price point, it’s just not possible. They won’t stay in business much longer if they keep adding servers and locations and keep the prices that low. VPN infrastructure is a huge investment with many technical difficulties to hammer out. I’d rather have things stay as they are right now and keep the price the same than having extra 100 locations that very few people will use and jack up the monthly subscription prices. I mean come on – who really needs a Zimbabwe VPN right? Keep it all as-is I say and let the people get their favorite VPN on the cheap!

Can AirVPN unlock YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Hulu, gambling sites etc?

This is a popular question and the short and sweet answer is YES! Look guys, we are talking about one the best (if not THE best!) VPN providers in the World, this is not some free VPN that just popped up and will be gone tomorrow. Any quality VPN can or at least should indeed unlock these popular websites that governments in certain countries love to block. AirVPN is no exception – get a subscription plan and enjoy all your favorite shows, channels, Facebook pages and so on with no limitations. The thing with Netflix and Hulu that comes up the most is that these 2 companies tent to show their best shows in the USA market and a “watered down” version in other less-fortunate countries. In this case all you have to do is use airVPN with an USA IP address and watch as many TV shows as your little heart desires. I have to agree that Netflix in doing so is kind of dumb but hey – it is what it is and that’s their choice. But a smart user can easily unlock the better U.S.A. version with any high quality VPN service.

Another way many folks use a VPN is to use numerous dating or sexting sites (to stay anonymous there is a must! ) or to play poker online. Poker has checkered history and the legality changes all the time. So many poker fans use a VPN to play their favorite games for free money or real cash. Pro tip: when you play poker online ALWAYS use a good poker HUD tracker! You will win more, it’s that simple. Now of course this is not 100% legit but current research shows this is one of the most popular uses of VPNs and proxies.


How to use the AirVPN coupon code posted

Well, I wasn’t going to write this but since most likely you came to this site for the coupon I’ll just mention it real quick. It’s pretty fricking simple and it goes like this : click on the box that says “Click to Copy and go to AirVPN”. This will copy the code to clipboard and redirect you to their website. Once you are there at the checkout paste the coupon code and you’ll get the 10% discount. Yeah, it’s “rocket science” to use this AirVPN voucher code:)

In Conclusion

AirVPN is great choice when it comes to premium VPN providers. Their speeds and reliability are top notch and so is the customer service. The plans they offer are already priced very competitively compared to other VPN services and maybe that’s why it’s sometimes hard to find a good coupon code that will save you some extra money. Note that the current savings is up to 70% off – this is when you combine the 10% discount from the coupon posted and buy a 3 year plan at 60% off regular price.


P.S. / Disclaimer: Some of the links posted here might be affiliated, meaning that if you click on them and buy something from AirVPN or other companies we will get a commission. Doing so will not make your final price paid any higher thou. The coupon code is tested and working as of December 2022 and was found on this blog. Enjoy great low priced VPN from Air VPN!