Which AirVPN plan is the best for you

Choosing a VPN plan in general and an AirVPN one in particular is not very hard. It’s not like choosing let’s say for example web hosting where you are presented with a ton of options and you need to decide which one will work best for your needs. In the example with hosting you have a pick if it will be shared or VPS or dedicated, than if you pick one of the latter 2 – how powerful your configuration will be. And finally you need to decide on how long of a term your subscription will be. That’s a lot options and sometimes it can be hard and overwhelming.

Fortunately for us choosing the right VPN plans is much simpler. It’s basically because most providers will not have many options. Some, and that’s a very few, will have a let’s call it a “Basic” plan with limited number of servers, IPs, simultaneous connections or other limitations and a “Premium” plan where the users can have it all. Naturally these “Premium” plans do cost more but they do offer more options.

This is not the case with AirVPN. They currently offer one plan which allows users to have access to all their features. This “one plan fits all” has it’s advantages and also disadvantages. In the advantages colon will be simplicity and transparency. It’s much simpler for customers to just have 1 master plan and don’t have to choose what to sacrifice in features. On the other hand a “Basic” plan would be a good way for customers who doesn’t want to spend too much and just to have access to the VPN service and basic protection. This was AirVPN decision and IMHO it’s not a bad one for the simple reason that sometimes too many options end up confusing and distracting a potential user. Keeping it all inclusive and simple works!

airVPN plans

So as choosing which AirVPN plan is the best for you we are presented with just 1 easy to make decision – how long the service plan should be.  At the moment AirVPN  offers 5 different lengths of service :

  • One day – this is the cheapest option current and is what they call a “trail” and will cost you 1 Euro
  • One month – service for a month for with the price tag of 7 Euro
  • Three month – costs 15 Euros
  • Six month plan for 30 Euros
  • Yearly plan – this is the longest plan they have at the moment and it is comes with a discount compared to the monthly and semi annual plans for 54 Euros. Have in mind that the prices posted here are their list prices and do not show any savings you will be getting if you use one of the AirVPN coupon codes we have posted.

As you can see the longer your plan – the cheaper it gets. So our suggestion is if you have the funds to opt for the longest subscription plan you can afford. Yes, it is a ton of money that you need to pay right away but it pays off in the long run. And of course no matter which plan you chose you are covered by their money back guarantee so in that time frame you will defiantly know if AirVPN is the right VPN for your needs.