Use a VPN to hide your online shopping habits

A popular use of a VPN service is to buy things online which, let’s say, you don’t want just your friends and family to know about but also your ISP. Using a VPN like AirVPN masks your online habits and where you spend your money in – like in this example on sex toys. Read more about this great company that I have to admit am a big fan of.

Ann Summers is a retailer based in the United Kingdom for adults specializing in lingerie and sex toys. Ann Summers today has over 150 high street stores in Europe with an annual turnover of over £116 million and an online store with many of their customers using an Ann Summers Promotional Code.
The company was founded by Caborn Waterfield and named the company after Annice Summers, the secretary of the founder. Annice Summers, who’s real name was Annice Goodwin, left the company soon after it opened following after a disagreement with Caborn. She now lives in Italy, as a recluse.

Ann Summers first opened its doors with a shop in 1970 in Marble Arch, London, from which it then went on to open five other shops. The company  was then sold and purchased by brothers Ralph and David Gold in 1972, who changed its image from a standard and negative sex shop into an established high street store brand and lingerie boutique. David Gold’s daughter Jacqueline Gold then took over in 1981(who is now the current Chief Executive of Ann Summers) and it was Jacqueline who introduced the infamous Ann Summers catalogue and Party Plan concept.
Ann Summers shops are run and managed from the Head Office in Whyteleafe, Surrey. At present Ann Summers operates 144 retail stores across the UK, Ireland and Spain. The shops offer lingerie, sex toys, underwear and swimwear. One of the most famous products from the Ann Summers brand is the Rampant Rabbit, a type of vibrator, which the store has sold over 2 million per year with help from promotional codes.
Due to the sexual nature of the business, Anne Summers has often been criticized from both social and legal outsiders. In 2003, they won a huge legal battle to advertise for their employees in local job centers.
In 2010 an Ann Summers catalogue Halloween advert was banned on Radio, which decided the advert had used overt sexual references in terms of the sound effects.

In Perth, Scotland Ann Summers direct store was forced to close down after the local people in the area complained about the stores sexual image. That also led to other problems with the store, and made it unable to take off. Muslim groups were also unhappy with the  image. In 2006, after the release of a new product, a blow up doll called Mustafa Shag. Muslims claimed that this doll was offensive to the Muslim religion as Mustafa was one of the names that are given to the Prophet Mohamed.

So as you see a VPN can be very handy! Why let spying eyes and ears know what you are buying online, right? Grab a good VPN like airVPN ( their best coupons and deals are right here) and be safe and secure!